We have a very early build of the game available. Note that this is pre-pre-pre alpha. It should not be released yet. BUT I had an idea for a fun little contest. The latest version of the game can be found here (windows). You can already make some ship designs and there are currently some very basic AI units that will already try to shoot you.

My idea is as follows: Make a cool gif or video and share it on your favourite social media website (twitter, instagram, funnyjunk, 9gag) of the gameplay with a link to this website (the homepage preferably).

You can hide the GUI with the ‘G’ key. You can use this tool to make gifs:, but there are plenty of others out there. I usually upload my videos to youtube first. I use nvidea geforce, which is free.


The prize for winning the contest is as follows: You get to share your idea/design for one weapon, ship, module or building, as long as it fits within the setting and works with the current technical specifications.

End date

For now this contest has no end date. If you have shared your video please report it using the form below. I will look through each video weekly and select the best ones ^^

Where did you share?

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